Learn More About Raved

Welcome to Raved!

Raved is the first Social Recommendation Search Engine designed to help you Discover, Save and Share Great places based on trusted recommendations from friends and influencers you follow.


Trust is the key reason to use Raved. Unlike review sites and other search engines, we put your go-to friends and trusted influencers (we call them 'Uber Ravers') in your pocket so you can easily find their recommendations.

See what's nearby or search by type and location, Raved creates a Top List of places that's personalized just for you based on the people you follow and the places they're raving about.


Raved is all about positive recommendations. This helps you cut through the clutter and save time getting to the good stuff: great places your trusted influencers are raving about. After all, who wants to waste time reading rants about places not to visit?

Raved also pulls in lots of other useful information about those places like contact info, pictures, store hours, maps, menus, directions, deals and more...


Everyone has lists of places to try or go back to, but they're not always easy to find. Maybe they’re in an email or perhaps you're old school and they're in a drawer full of menus, matchbooks, cut-outs or scraps of paper.

No longer. Raved lets you easily create and share your own Lists and discover and save Top Lists from your friends and influencers. And best of all, they're all on your mobile phone so you can get them wherever you are and whenever you need them.


The only thing better than discovering great places recommended by friends is also learning what makes them so raveworthy. It’s what makes a Rave a Rave. And, Raved makes it easy to share personal stories, insider tips or pictures about great experiences.